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Mandated and Other Worknet AJCC Partners:

Listed below are the Worknet AJCC Partners:

California State Department of Rehabilitation

The California State Department of Rehabilitation (DoR) provides physically and mentally impaired individuals with physical and mental impairment services that are designed to enable them to enter or return to work. Determination of eligibility is made at DR expense. Services can vary greatly according to an individual’s needs; and are all focused towards the individual’s planned employment objective.

Central Valley Opportunity Center*

CVOC Vocational Training Centers were created in response to the need to have training resources which were accessible to the very hard to serve clients. Most public and private vocational schools have admission standards which would prevent CVOC’s target group from entrance. Clients entering CVOC Vocational Training Centers are not simply starting a vocational training course, they are entering a vocational development program which seeks to resolve a variety of employment barriers.

Merced County Community and Economic Development**

The Merced County Community and Economic Development has a number of programs and services designed to help businesses in a variety of areas. Whether you are planning a move, expanding into new markets, or re-tooling your company's focus, we can help..

Employment Development Department

Registration of applicants and employers in the CalJOBS Internet-based job matching system. Job placement assistance. WOTC tax credit information for employers. Local and statewide Labor Market Information. Youth services. Special assistance for Veterans, Dislocated Workers and Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers. Telephone UI filing (800-300-5616). California Training Benefits (CTB) while in approved training. Referral to Supportive Services.

Housing Authority of Merced County**

Conventional low income, Section 8, farm worker, elderly, and migrant, seasonal housing opportunities.

Job Corps.*;**

Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible youth at least 16 years of age, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life.

Merced Adult School**

Education opens doors to your future. Learn to speak, read, write English; Take a self improvement class; Enroll in a computer class; Prepare for the GED tests; Finish your high school diploma.

Merced College**

The primary source of career training and retraining and offers a full range of educational and training opportunities, from 70 different majors for Associates Degrees to over 50 Certification Programs. Classes are offered in the traditional semester mode and in an accelerated, intensive, open format.

Merced County Community Action Agency

The Agency is a non-profit corporation that has been designated by the federal government to combat poverty in Merced County.

Merced County Department of Workforce Investment

The Department of Workforce Investment is the Career Center operator in Merced County and offers a variety of employment and training services for businesses, job seekers, and youth. WI provides a variety of services for businesses from referrals of job seekers to hiring tax credit information to   . By coordinating with other programs and One-Stop partners, the taxpayers’ investment in education, job training, and business services is maximized.

Merced County Human Services Agency*;**

This is a how-to agency of an unusual kind. We provide our neighbors a means to leave their worlds of struggle and embrace a vast universe of possibility. We believe that many of the circumstances that seem to block us in our lives do so because of fatalistic beliefs that we carry with us. Therefore, as we give people tools such as cash, health care, shelter, work, education, and protection – we also give them hope so that they can redo themselves and their circumstances in a way that generally leads to better outcomes.

Merced County Library*;**

The Merced County Library System is committed to supporting lifelong learning and knowledge through self-educatio for all the residnets and visitors of Merced county.  The library strives to enrich the lives of all users by meetig the information, recreatioal, self-educational, and cultural needs of the community.

Merced County Office of Education/ROP**

ROP is designed to provide vocational education and training which prepares students for employment and linkage to a career pathway. The students are provided classroom/laboratory hands-on training on state-of-the-art equipment or at various work-sites in the community.

=  Non-Mandated Partner

** =  Non-Participating Partner in the AJCC