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Worknet Certification Process

The Merced County Workforce Investment Board (MCWIB) has established a certification process for the Merced Worknet Employment Resource Center that includes statutory and continuous improvement/performance excellence criteria.  The Worknet Leadership Team has completed a self assessment and application process and was granted its second certification November 2005 for a three year period. The feedback report completed by the MCWIB is being used to give direction to the Worknet Leadership Team regarding areas for improvement as it relates to the strengths and opportunities for improvement of the Worknet Employment Resource Center.

The following is the documentation leading up to the certification and is listed in chronological order with the most current at the top.

The terms Goals and Plans are used interchangeably
in the documents listed on this page.

2011 Re-Certification Process

Strategic Plan - Revised 03/04/10

Strategic Plan - 12/08/09

2008 Re-Certification Process

Executive Briefing of the Prospector Feedback Report

Prospector Feedback Report Priorities

Prospector Award 2008 Application Feedback Report

Application for California Awards for Performance Excellence Prospector Award

Merced County Worknet Balanced Scorecard Strategic Goals / Plan

Worknet ERC Services Matrix 02/28/08

Feedback Report Consensus Workshop 01/10/06

2005 Re-Certification Process

Merced ERC Feedback Report 2005

Challenger Award Application for One Stop Certification 2005-2008

Merced County Worknet Balanced Scorecard Strategic Goals / Plan

Worknet Employment Resource Center Services Matrix
February 2005

Opportunities for Improvement Key Themes - Workgroups
Updated May 24, 2004

Opportunities for Improvement Action Plan - 01/13/04

Leadership Team - Opportunities for Improvement - DRAFT - 01/13/04

2003 Certification Process

Marketing Plan - Sept. 2004

Merced ERC Feedback Report 2003

Challenger Award Application for One Stop Certification 2003

Strategic Goals - 11/04/03

Strategic Goals - 02/11/03

Challenger Award 2002-2004 Application For One-Stop Certification - 02/18/03

Action Plan/Goals - 011403

Worknet Employment Resource Center Gap Analysis Matrix - 12/10/02

Worknet Employment Resource Center Gap Analysis Matrix - 09/03/02

Certification Criteria-Self Assessment Part I-Statutory Criteria - 09/03/02

Certification Criteria-Self Assessment Part II-Continuous Improvement - 09/03/02

Partners Mutual Benefit-Affinity Diagram - 09/03/02

Flip Chart Notes - 09/03/02

Worknet Leadership Team Charter and Norms - 10/19/02

Organizational Core Values - 10/19/02

Goals - 10/19/02

Worknet Leadership Team - Action Plan - Goals - 10/19/02

Vision, Mission, and Values - 10/19/02

One-Stop Certification Process Criteria

Challenger Award 2002-2004 Application Criteria For One-Stop Certification